18/Feb. /2024-Book Release~The Undersea Guardian: Enhancing the Security of Critical Infrastructure (Submarine Cables) and Strengthening Taiwan’s Digital Resilience

The Undersea Guardian: Enhancing the Security of Critical Infrastructure (Submarine Cables) and Strengthening Taiwan’s Digital Resilience 

If we consider the fact that oceans cover 70% of the earth and serve as vital conduits connecting the remaining 30% landmasses, we will agree that establishing a globally interconnected and unimpeded communication network infrastructure necessarily involves expertise dealing with maritime affairs. Can you imagine that at present, 300 submarine cables worldwide bear 99% of the global data traffic? In other words, any disruption to these cables would result in a global network outage. Particularly for Taiwan, surrounded by seas on all sides, its external transportation and trade heavily rely on maritime areas, making submarine cables the lifeline connecting Taiwan to the world.

Although the objective data suggests the paramount importance of submarine cables, people tend to ignore the significance of these cables when they lie silently at the bottom of deep sea. It is sometimes frightening to think of how easily we forget their inherent fragility and constant susceptibility to risks.

Whether viewed from the micro perspective of individual digital lives or the macro perspective of Taiwan as a key node in the global network, the security of submarine cables is a fundamental test of digital resilience. It is not surprising that many reports from think tanks have repeatedly pointed out that in the event of a conflict across Taiwan Strait, submarine cables and landing stations are likely to be the primary targets of initial attacks.

Due to the crucial importance of this issue to Taiwan and its inherent complexity, in 2023, The Ocean Sustainable Technologies Governance Center at National Taiwan Ocean University has worked with Taipei University of Marine Technology, Taiwan Law and Technology Association, and Taiwan ThinkTank worked together to hold the “Maritime Nation Digital Resilience – Law and Policy Forum” and invited all discussants to jointly write down their valuable opinions for the publication of the book “Maritime Nation Digital Resilience Series – Submarine Cable Intrusions by the CCP: Highlighting the Strategic Security of Key Digital Infrastructure”. We try to explore the issue from various perspectives: the evolution of technology (submarine cables and communications), the laws/policies in relevant areas, and the dynamic of international relations. On the first working day after lunar new year holiday, we are happy to announce that the book is officially released.


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