2023/04/11-TaiwanPlus News訪問美光(Micron)面臨中國政府網路安全(CyberSecurity)審查的衝擊

中國政府對外資(或內資) 進行網路安全審查,並不是什麼新鮮事。但美光一案之所以特別有意義,在於這是美國聯合盟國壓制中國的晶片科技後,

美光這家公司,先前也曾涉及知名的營業秘(智財)保護跨國訴訟,此次又面臨網路安全審查,加上它與美國、中國的各種背景與歷史關係,讓本案成為美中晶片戰爭一個幾乎完美的象徵。對我來說,這是非常有趣的課題,也謝謝TaiwanPlus News的記者費心探討這個題目。

👉 👉 新聞連結在此:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02HE2hAIYhk

Given Micron’s background and records, China’s recent investigation of #Micron almost makes a perfect emblem of the #chip #tech battle between #us and #china that intertwined with #cybersecurity and #tradesecrets tussles. Thanks #TaiwanPlus News for quoting my words in this report, in the short term it may seem to be a stimulus to the local competitors in the chip making chain, however, it the long run, if the case goes further that might become a double edged sword which risks disrupting China’s domestic market and tech developments in the #semiconductor sector.

👉 👉 The news link is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02HE2hAIYhk