2023/02/22-AI Chatbots could be an “Immanent Existential Threat” to Taiwan(interviewed by DominoTheory)

【和報導東亞中、港、台議題為主的焦點網媒Domino Theory(骨牌效應理論),聊到為何像ChatGPT這樣的AI 聊天機器人,可能會對台灣造成迫切且重大的威脅:因為 “The potential of new AI bot[s] to mimic human-written content not only will make the production of disinformation easier [and] cheaper, but the generated contents will look more convincing to the target audience,””(聊天機器人能在極短時間、模仿人類的語言互動方式產出大量內容,這將讓假訊息的製作更加容易、且更能以假亂真。】

 ,Domino Theory,  AI Chatbots Could Be an ‘Immanent, Existential Threat’ to Taiwan
https://dominotheory.com/ai-chatbots-could-be-an-immanent-existential-threat-to-taiwan/,22, Feb., 2023.