10/ May/2024-TaiwanPlus News談行政院推出針對猖獗網路詐騙的打詐專法草案重點

【打詐專法】 針對猖獗的 #網路詐騙,日前行政院推出打詐專法,下午和記者快速的談了一下草案重點:除了加重詐騙刑責、另外就是課責數位平台業者,除了要求這些業者在台設立法律代表,違法時會有罰款、情節嚴重時可停止其服務。
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Apart from increasing the penalities against online fraudulent activities, the highlight of this proposed Anti-online scam bill is to hold the online platforms accountable for online scams. Certainly we can draw similarities between this legal proposal and EU Digital Services Act.
Taiwan Introduces New Bill Aiming To Tackle Fraud,  Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7Arx3YvFZg