3/ May /2024- The World Should Pay Attention to Taiwan’s Experiencing Millions of Cyberattacks Everyday(The Conversation)

The latest piece on how the world should pay attention to Taiwan’s experience in countering disinformation and cyber-attacks was released on the Conversation. I was notified by the author Dr. Lennon Chang and associate professor of Deakin University, that my interview video by TaiwanPlus News along with clips of the US House Represetative Dusty Johnson and Double Think Lab founder TT Cat, were selected and inserted in the article by the editor to provide background information to readers. Hornored to be virtually on the same page with other cyber-policy experts and let me share this article :

美國專業新聞網站The Conversation最新一篇關於 #台灣 如何對抗 #網路攻擊 與 #虛假訊息 的文章 ,很榮幸能在編輯選的三則背景報導之一:
👉一則是美國眾議院達斯提·詹森(Dusty Johnson)接受福斯fox news採訪談到美國如何由台灣經驗學習;
👉一則是台灣民主實驗室於Taiwan Insider解釋台灣的行動與努力;
👉一則是我去年接受Taiwan Plus News採訪談到台灣每日遭受百萬次網路攻擊的成因與可能因應。

Taiwan is experiencing millions of cyberattacks every day. The world should be paying attention