16 /April/2024-The intersection of Law and Technology: Talking with TaiwanPlus News reporter on the case of Mickey Huang

Taiwan just revised its Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act last year and made the possession of illegal materials into a criminal offense(subject to 1 year imprisonment max.), but facing the case of Mickey Huang(a famous TV host in Taiwan who was accused of sexual harrassements in the Me-Too movement last year and now charged with in possession of illegal youth sexual materials), many argue the penalities should be set even higher. My concern is that the case of Mickey Huang reminds us the hard choice between the technology intervention measures to help legal enforcement against online illegal content vs. our expectations of online security and privacy standards. Look at the site blocking action ordered by Ministry of Digital Affairs in this case, evidentaly we do have some tehcnologies to track users’ identities , suspicious monetary flows or content filtering, the question is really how we balance the various legal values at stake. Thanks TaiwanPlus reporter for reaching out and glad to share my thoughts on this topic.

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