03/April/2024-Taiwan Earthquake

15 minutes after the biggest earthquake in quarter of a century, I received worrying messages from foreign friends and I quickly replied back with safety confirmation. The fact that I could enjoy seamlessly inbound and outbound communication indicates the resilience of Taiwan society in many ways. The internet and electricity systems are both working with only a few eccentricities after the 0403 quake took place, compared to the last horrifying quake of more than 7 magnitude (921 earthquake), it is indeed evident that Taiwan has become more prepared in the face of a natural disaster at such large scale.

I also want to express my gratitudes toward all the good wishes around the world and all the efforts people have made to mitigate the disaster. While Taiwan proved to be more resilient and prepared than before, given Taiwan’s susceptibility of earthquakes, we can never be too careful and we can always do more. Let’s pray and make continuous efforts to ensure safety for all in the future ahead.