16 /Jan./2024-Foreign Policy : Taiwan Election and China Disinformation

【Forign Policy: Taiwan Election and China Disinformation】
2024 is the biggest election year in decades, and disinformation operation is one of the most worrying threats against the democratic countries. Further with the advancement of AI, the World Economic Forum 2024 also identified misinformation and disinformation as the most immediate global risks over the next two years in its global report. Nonetheless, what we can do in a post-truth world? What is the most effective way to counter disinformation operation and also hold to our democratic values? As Taiwan faces constant threats of foreign interference yet still manages to hold democratic elections successfully, I’m proud to say that Taiwan experience could be of some help to other countries who face similar issues in the coming elections: To briefly sum up, tracking suspicious online activities on a regular basis is very important, reacting to the online rumors in a timely manner is very important, disclosing the stealthy links between fake accounts, financial flows and false messages with transparency requirements is very important, on top of that, I would also like to point out that building/maintaining a healthy information environment is very important. Although it’s a bit old school to emphasize the role of traditional media, most people get news/information produced by the so-called traditional news outlets even they only read them on mobile apps. Thanks #foreignpolicy for the interview and quoting my words on this issue. Glad to share the link with friends who are interested in #taiwan #election and #disinformation interference.

👉👉 Nick A., “Taiwan Learned You Can’t fight Disinformation by Making it Illegal“, Foreign Policy, 16 of January, 2024,  https://foreignpolicy.com/2024/01/16/taiwan-election-china-disinformation-lai/